Moonwalking with Einstein

The Characters

Ed Cooke Watch Video
Ed Cooke is a Grandmaster of Memory who coached Josh in the ancient art of memory. He is the founder of Memrise.
Ben Pridmore Watch Video
Ben Pridmore is a three-time World Memory Champion. He holds the world record for memorizing the order of 28 shuffled packs of playing cards in an hour.
Tony Buzan Watch Video
Tony Buzan is the founder of the World Memory Championship, and a proponent of "mental literacy."
Gunther Karsten Watch Video
Gunther Karsten is the eight-time German Memory Champion. He won the World Memory Championship in 2007.
Kim Peek Watch Video
Kim Peek is a savant who served as the inspiration for the character of Raymond Babbitt in the movie Rain Man.
Daniel Tammet Watch Video
Daniel Tammet is a British writer and self-proclaimed savant, whose story is questioned by Joshua Foer in Moonwalking with Einstien.
The 2006 USA Memory Championship Watch Video
The 2006 USA Memory Championship is an Olympiad for memory games. Having covered the contest the year before as a journalist, Josh entered--and won--in 2006.
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